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Hello there
I miss Muradin's spyglass in the trinket selection :(
Also, I noticed in the log that the T10 - 2 piece set bonus is applied when Missile Barrage is used, but ingame it proccs when the last Arcane Missile is fired, or the cast is interrupted.
Although I found that program very helpful, thanks! :)
Edit: Found something more: Mirror Images causes in the program no global cooldown, but actually in-game it does.


Iketh wrote Feb 26, 2010 at 10:17 AM


Yes, ICC trinkets are not in 0.43.

Good eye on the T10 2-piece! This is fixed in 0.50. However, when i made the fix, DPS remained identical because the same number of spells are receiving the benefit. So, use the results from 0.43 with confidence :)

As for Mirror Images not triggering the GCD, I ran 0.43 again just to be sure and I found it does in fact trigger it. In my instance, the GCD was at 1 second so if mirror images was cast at 15.37 secs, the next spell didnt start until 16.37, but it was difficult to notice this at first because they appeared to be the same time.

Thanks so much for your input! I hope to receive a lot more feedback like this!

wrote Feb 2, 2013 at 3:11 AM