Truecrafting 0.42

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Released: Nov 7, 2009
Updated: Nov 9, 2009 by Iketh
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Application Truecrafting 0.42 for Mages in WoW 3.3.0.exe
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Release Notes

  • Fixed the dramatic (and incorrect) DPS variances of frost when +5% lock/mage crit buff was not selected.
  • Reign of the Unliving/Dead (and heroic version) was broken for frost. It wouldn't deal damage at all on some runs and when it did, it was incorrect. This is fixed.
  • Shard of the Gods (onyxia trinkets' set bonus) was receiving frost talent damage multipliers. This is fixed.
  • Removed fingers of frost proc delay. Now procs immediately on frostbolt cast. This is a DPS loss.
  • Removed fingers of frost charges getting consumed when a spell misses.
  • Removed fingers of frost proccing on spell miss.
  • Fixed Brain Freeze proccing (with a delay) on frostbolt cast to proccing immediately on frostbolt land. No longer procs on frostbolt miss.
  • With these changes, a reaction time was added for brain freeze proc and fingers of frost charge counting. This prevents Truecrafting from using its powers of reacting instantly to these procs and instead will proceed to the next spell it would have cast if the procs never occurred and handles the procs afterwards. The reaction on fingers of frost charge counting means Truecrafting assumes a charge will get consumed on spell cast and proceed to the next spell and adjust to a spell miss or an overlapping fingers of frost proc afterwards.
  • Applied ice shards to deep freeze as per PTR. This almost perfectly counterbalanced the dps loss from fingers of frost change. Shatter is still not applying to deep freeze in PTR, but this is probably a bug so deep freeze continues receiving shatter in Truecrafting for now.
  • Added PTR's weapon enchantment Black Magic. Using's numbers.
  • Added T10. Truecrafting never has used mirror images, but if t10 4-piece is selected, Truecrafting will treat the mirror images CD as a damage CD instead of a tool. The mirror images themselves will not be tracked while summoned so as not to skew t10 4-piece dps numbers over other gear. Truecrafting will use the first mirror images about 20 seconds into a mana dump to mimic mitigating a little threat, then immediately when the CD is up thereafter. Truecrafting's logic will be refined in 0.43 pertaining to T10.
  • Fixed mana gem getting the t7 2-piece bonus when not selected and mana gem not getting t7 2-piece when selected. This has been occurring probably since 0.38, my apologies.
  • Truecrafting no longer cares about the status of fingers of frost when deciding when to cast icy veins.
  • Adjusted Truecrafting's ghost charge priority from deep freeze->ice lance (if glyphed)->brain freeze (if talented and procced with time to react)->frostbolt, to deep freeze->brain freeze->ice lance->frostbolt.
  • Removed "Brain Freeze fades" from the log.
  • Fixed reaction time not getting applied to missile barrage when wearing T8 4-piece and missile barrage is consumed.
  • Increased arcane engine efficiency 10-40%. All specs will get same treatment in next release.
  • Fixed icy veins mana cost being increased by arcane power.

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