Truecrafting 0.37

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Released: Oct 18, 2009
Updated: Oct 19, 2009 by Iketh
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Application Truecrafting 0.37 for Mages in WoW 3.2.2.exe
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Release Notes

  • Added the trinkets Reign of the Unliving/Dead (Heroic), Talisman/Fetish of Volatile Power (Heroic), and Shard of the Crystal Heart.
  • Added the shared cooldown for on-use trinkets. If 2 on-use trinkets are equipped, Truecrafting selects the use ability that best benefits the DPS of the spec being run.
  • Fixed Meteorite Crystal not getting a stack from casting Icy Veins.
  • Truecrafting no longer uses Meteorite Crystal when Arcane Power is cast alone from Icy Veins.
  • Reign of the Unliving/Dead's "Pillar of Flame" was not receiving the crit multiplier when it crit.......
  • Fixed Truecrafting not using on-use DPS abilities of trinkets when Arcane Power is cast alone from Icy Veins.
  • Fixed Truecrafting not using on-use trinkets when Berserking is cast alone from Icy Veins.
  • Fixed the logic with on-use trinkets in all specs. For instance, fire spec combines the trinket with combustion (the trinket is cast just before a living bomb with combustion following shortly after.) They start off casting together at the beginning of a mana dump, then the trinket is used again at 2 mins (generally), combustion at 3, trinket at 4, and they join together again at 6 mins. Rinse and repeat. Berserking always joins combustion now as well since CDs are identical for complete synergy. DPS of on-use trinkets improved markedly.
  • Truecrafting was getting confused when it came time to cast evocation for arcane spec. The arguments to cast arcane missiles so it could cast evocation (so not to waste AB stacks with a missile barrage) were not matching the arguments to cast evocation itself. The result was arcane missiles being cast with less than 4 stacks of AB repeatedly (up to 4 or 5 cycles) until evocation was finally cast. This is fixed. Arcane's Time 'til OoM decreased by 3.3% and DPS increased by 0.2%.
  • Fixed Truecrafting's use of Evocation with very low amounts of max mana for arcane. The logic adjustment was made solely for the sake of program validity since very low max mana is not "real world."
  • Fixed Truecrafting not casting combustion, berserking, or icy veins for fire and frostfire specs if +5% Crit Imp. Shadow Bolt buff was selected.
  • Fixed combustion not casting for the first 3 mins of each mana dump for fire spec. DPS increased a minimum of 1%.
  • Removed Arcane Power being applied to all arcane missiles if channeling is started just before arcane power fades. Damage multiplier is now applied only to the missiles that launch while arcane power is active. I've always thought it applies to all missiles since you're charged the full +20% mana at the onset of the channel, but this is in fact not the case and you're getting ripped off if you use this tactic without a missile barrage proc. Thanks blizzard. With the fix, arcane dps decreased by a slight 0.2% - 0.5%. No adjustment to Truecrafting's play logic was needed (it never did cast arcane missiles without a missile barrage at the end of arcane power).
  • Fixed minute rounding error of intellect, spirit, and bonus damage. These were sometimes off by 1 point. They may sometimes still round incorrectly in some cases but 1 point is not important to dwell on since the need to enter stats will be obsolete in a near future release.
  • Fixed the displayed Haste% with talents/buffs in the log file from stating "0.00%" if Haste rating is 0 and talents/buffs are present. Actual haste% used in the engines themselves has always been correct.
  • The settings.ini file of previous versions is not compatible with this release. Sorry. May want to take note of the stats you have punched in before running v0.37.

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