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Quick Overview


There is no installation for the program. It's just an executable that you'll want to put in its own folder because it creates a settings file and a few others. Nothing is installed to Windows. You can right-click on the file to create a shortcut on your desktop.

Raid Buffs/Boss Debuffs

You may notice that buffs that don't stack are selectable at the same time. Check all buffs that are available and Truecrafting will apply them correctly just as WoW servers would. You never have to worry about selecting impossible combinations of buffs. Have Heroic Presence selected and chose Undead? Don't worry, it won't be applied.


Because of the ability to enter custom stats, only the stats given on your gear (your base stats) can be entered for accurate results. If you're currently in a spec using Student of the Mind or Arcane Mind, you'll want to make a divide and round up before entering it in. For Mind Mastery, enter the bonus healing value.

Also, be sure to not wear any trinkets. Truecrafting adds their stats during the analysis so that you can switch trinkets without touching stats.

Custom Specs

Use's talent calculator to build your spec, then click "Link to this build" and copy the URL from your browser's address bar to the first field under custom specs. You may copy the entire URL or just the talent build portion, either way will work. Please note that using incorrect/impossible combinations of talents are possible and I have not tested the repercussions, so you are warned!!

Cookie-Cutter Specs


Set notepad's font to Courier or Lucida Console and turn Word Wrap off if needed so the columns line up. Notepad has a Find... option under the Edit menu that you can use to search for specific events. If you want to see when Cold Snap is used, just search for "cold snap".


  • option to input fight length, very important for optimizing gear and gems for arcane and to accurately simulate molten fury with cooldown useage
  • ability to read the .lua files created by the Character Profiler add-on, gear optimizations introduced with this
  • multithreading
  • ability to download character from armory
  • DPS mapping of chosen talents
  • ability to set the distance from target
  • ability to graph results for much greater detail

Revision History

Version 0.53, Mar. 8, 2010
  • fixed mp5 calculations when gear contained mp5 and made the formulas more efficient
  • no need to rebuild profiles with this release if placed in the same folder
Version 0.52, Mar. 8, 2010
  • fixed several trinkets that broke just before i released 0.51, sorry
  • fixed water elemental not doing anything while summoned if not using glyph of eternal water; all code that dealt with not using glyph of eternal water was incorrect also
  • no need to re-enter everything from 0.51, uses same settings.ini
Version 0.51, Mar. 7, 2010
  • overhauled truecrafting code: combined all engines into 1 mage engine, made the engine and artificial intelligence support any spec, and achieved a simulation speed 10x faster than 0.43 engines
  • all icc items and abilities/procs
  • custom specs and added all relevant mage glyphs
  • changed the interaction of arcane missiles with clearcasting as per 3.3.0, adjusted the firing of arcane missiles in truecrafting to correctly model this mechanic
  • fixed demonic pact to use lock's sp and not mage's, thanks to Jonirenicus of Blackwater Raiders
  • added a random human delay of 0.01 - 0.10 secs after all channeled spells
  • fixed living bomb ticks from not receiving the proper crit chance, this was occuring only for fire in 0.43
  • fixed logic to invoke a pyroblast cast before living bomb, this was occuring only for fire in 0.43
  • fixed flask of distilled wisdom and elixir of mighty mageblood from receiving the opposite of the mixology checkbox
  • renamed and added more stats on main form, gave each configuration its own form
  • fixed reign of the unliving and its heroic version from benefiting from talents spell power and burnout
  • implemented reaction time for arcane blast miss, shouldn't be any left but i said this once before
  • fixed icy veins' cd length, it was 20 seconds too short for frost in 0.43
  • changed black magic from triggering on spell cast to spell land
  • made black magic proc off living bomb ticks
  • adjusted the average % of damage reduction from boss' resistance from 6% to a much more accurate 4.1%, still need resistance formulas
  • fixed waterbolt from never missing, benefiting from Chaotic Skyflare Diamond, and not benefiting from crit debuffs or replenishment
  • made t10 2-piece trigger at the completion of the arcane missiles channel instead of beginning
  • fixed replenishment from triggering on frostbolt cast to frostbolt land
  • changed mana dump time limit from 40 mins to 20 mins
  • log is again easier to read
  • other misc changes
Version 0.43, Nov. 9, 2009
  • The logs were overhauled. They provide a lot more information and should be easier to read, but I need feedback. Set notepad's font to Courier or Lucida Console and turn Word Wrap off (if needed) so the columns line up.
  • All spec engines are running quicker.
  • CAVEAT -> The program option "Don't use Runic Mana Potion" is backwards. Checking it will use RMP, unchecked will not. Sorry about this. Will be fixed in 0.44.
Version 0.42, Nov. 7, 2009
  • Fixed the dramatic (and incorrect) DPS variances of frost when +5% lock/mage crit buff was not selected.
  • Reign of the Unliving/Dead (and heroic version) was broken for frost. It wouldn't deal damage at all on some runs and when it did, it was incorrect. This is fixed.
  • Shard of the Gods (onyxia trinkets' set bonus) was receiving frost talent damage multipliers. This is fixed.
  • Removed fingers of frost proc delay. Now procs immediately on frostbolt cast. This is a DPS loss.
  • Removed fingers of frost charges getting consumed when a spell misses.
  • Removed fingers of frost proccing on spell miss.
  • Fixed Brain Freeze triggering (with a delay) on frostbolt cast to triggering immediately on frostbolt land. No longer procs on frostbolt miss.
  • With these changes, a reaction time was added for brain freeze and fingers of frost charge counting. This prevents Truecrafting from using its power of reacting instantly to these procs and instead will proceed to the next spell it would have cast if the procs never occurred and handle the procs afterwards. The reaction on fingers of frost charge counting means Truecrafting assumes a charge will get consumed on spell cast and proceeds to the next spell accordingly, then adjusts to a spell miss or an overlapping fingers of frost proc afterwards.
  • Applied ice shards to deep freeze as per PTR. This almost perfectly counterbalanced the dps loss from the fingers of frost change. Shatter is still not applying to deep freeze in PTR, but this is probably a bug so deep freeze continues receiving shatter in Truecrafting.
  • Added PTR's weapon enchantment Black Magic. Using's numbers.
  • Added T10. Truecrafting never has used mirror images, but if t10 4-piece is selected, Truecrafting will treat the mirror images CD as a damage CD instead of a tool. The mirror images themselves will not be tracked while summoned so as not to skew t10 4-piece dps numbers over other gear. Truecrafting will use the first mirror images about 20 seconds into a mana dump to mimic mitigating a little threat, then immediately when the CD is up thereafter. Truecrafting's logical handling of T10 will be refined in a later release.
  • Fixed mana gem getting the t7 2-piece bonus when not selected and mana gem not getting t7 2-piece when selected. This has been occurring probably since 0.38, my apologies.
  • Truecrafting no longer cares about the status of fingers of frost when deciding when to cast icy veins.
  • Adjusted Truecrafting's ghost charge priority from deep freeze->ice lance (if glyphed)->brain freeze (if talented and procced with time to react)->frostbolt, to deep freeze->brain freeze->ice lance->frostbolt.
  • Removed "Brain Freeze fades" from the log.
  • Fixed reaction time not getting applied to missile barrage when wearing T8 4-piece and missile barrage is consumed.
  • Increased arcane engine efficiency 10-40%. All specs will get same treatment in next release.
  • Fixed icy veins mana cost being increased by arcane power.
Version 0.41, Nov.4, 2009
  • Fixed deep freeze casting outside of FoF, but since it wasnt getting shatter, overall DPS increased slightly. Ice shards is still not applying to deep freeze as per PTR.
  • Tweaked icy veins usage in relation to deep freeze. Truecrafting now doesn't care about the deep freeze cd for deciding when to cast icy veins. DPS increased ohh so slightly.
  • Fixed the water elemental not receiving raid crit and haste buffs. This explains the lack of frost scaling.... it's still scaling the least, but you will be hard pressed to force it below frostfire with the same gear.
  • Removed the ambiguity of the spirit of the mind checkboxes. Now, simply checking the box overrides the specs to 1/3 SotM. Unchecked is the default 3/3.
  • That same ambiguity screwed me up when i implemented it for ttw fire. Fire dps increased to normal.
Version 0.40, Nov. 2, 2009
  • Frost engine is alive!!!! And it's 3.3.0!!!! 4 glyphs to choose from as well as 0/3 or 3/3 Brain Freeze. Here are some important notes about the engine:
    • If choosing 0/3 brain freeze and not using Glyph of Eternal Water, Truecrafting will use 2 of those points to fill up Enduring Winter. See the Documentation tab above for the spec used for frost.
    • If not using Glyph of Ice Lance, Truecrafting will never cast Ice Lance because DPS and Time 'til OoM were nearly identical when compared to casting only frostbolt, and casting fireball on the ghost charge was a clear 2% or more dps increase.
    • If no Glyph of Ice Lance and 0/3 Brain Freeze, Truecrafting is forced to spam Frostbolt with the occasional Deep Freeze.
  • Applied 3.3.0 changes to the rest of the specs.
    • Arcane: If the +3% damage buff is not selected before running Arcane, Arcane Empowerment will be tracked during the run. With a normal amount of base crit (~25% and up with molten armor), Arcane Empowerment rarely, if ever, expires. Arcane DPS increased by the full 3% without the 3% damage buff selected.
    • Fire and Frostfire: One scorch applies the +5% crit buff. Truecrafting still attempts zero scorch downtime for the raid's sake, but the engine's arguments are now lenient.
      • If you weren't hit capped in previous versions, Truecrafting allotted time to cast 2 scorches in case the first missed. Now it gives just enough time for 1 regardless.
      • Removed the argument that stated in the log, "Sacrificing burst opportunity to preserve Scorch debuff." The "burst opportunity" is now always pursued.
  • Added a reaction time to missile barrage, meaning Truecrafting can no longer use it's powers of reacting to a missile barrage proc instantly.
  • Added this same reaction time to Fire and Frostfire for scorch. If scorch misses, Truecrafting no longer instantly recasts scorch.
  • Fixed fire and frostfire from casting Evocation in the middle of an on-use trinket ability when it's not exactly necessary. DPS and Time til' OoM are nearly identical so this ended up being more of a cosmetic fix.
  • I had fireball and scorch base damage too low. Untalented/unbuffed Fireball damage increased by 10 points minimum and 11 points maximum. Scorch increased by 4 min and 5 max. Thanks wowhead, i wont make that mistake again.
  • Added rotation options for Arcane.
    • 4xAB->MBAM fishes for missile barrage if it has not procced by the 3rd arcane blast, so if it procs on the 4th arcane blast, a 5th will still cast (reaction time.)
    • 4xAB->AM is a locked rotation of 4 arcane blasts followed by arcane missiles regardless of missile barrage (this is the rotation used in previous versions.)
    • 3xAB->MBAM (fish to 4) is a locked 4 arcane blasts followed by arcane missiles regardless of missile barrage (same as 4xAB->AM). However, if missile barrage procced on the 1st or 2nd AB, then AM casts after the 3rd.
  • Some logic still overrules these rotations temporarily. Some of this logic follows:
    • If arcane power is ending and another AB will not finish in time and missile barrage procced (with time to react), AM will cast regardless of AB count.
    • If PoM is ready for use, 5 arcane blasts are cast, the 5th being PoM'ed.
    • If it's time to cast Evocation, Truecrafting will expend a missile barrage (with time to react) regardless of AB count prior to casting.
    • If Truecrafting is out of mana but missile barrage is up, it will cast AM only if the AB count is at least 3. It will not cast AM with fewer because it could extend the mana dump substantially and skew the DPS result. And neglecting to cast arcane missiles with at least 3 stacks of AB is not realistic.
    • If wearing T8 4-piece, arcane missiles will cast at zero AB stack with a missile barrage. Truecrafting proved this a 0.7%+ dps increase while also increasing time 'til oom.
    • A full list of all logic used for all specs is in the works to be placed under the documentation tab on this site. It should be a good referral for hints/tips to improving DPS.
  • Added 1/3 or 3/3 Student of the Mind option (doesn't interact with frostfire.) This option is intended to match your spec only. If you want to compare 3/3 to 1/3, you will need to divide your spirit in-game by 1.1, then multiply by 1.04, input the new spirit value into Truecrafting, and make sure 1/3 is selected. Vice versa if you are 1/3 and want to compare to 3/3. This only gets more complicated with buffs such as kings. Gear is coming very soon to alleviate this problem.
  • Placed the mana rotation in the results list instead of in the log only.
  • Added the "View Log" buttons.
  • Fixed the log files ending up in the previous folder as Truecrafting.exe...
Version 0.38, Oct. 21, 2009
  • Added the trinkets Purified Shard of the Flame, Purified Shard of the Scale, Shiny Shard of the Flame, Shiny Shard of the Scale.
  • Added the stats Hit:SP, Crit:SP, and Haste:SP ratios. These stats require +1% DPS calculations to be run.
  • The settings.ini file of previous versions is consequently not compatible with this release and will be replaced with a fresh one when you launch v0.38.
  • Apparently I lied about fixing rounding errors. NOW they are fixed. MP5 rounding error was fixed too.
  • Changed Truecrafting from saving when you press a run button and on normal program shutdown to saving immediately after a run completes ONLY. This way when you launch Truecrafting, the results shown are always for the gear/buffs shown. Before it was possible to close Truecrafting abnormally (which wouldn't save the last run's results, but the gear/buffs WERE saved) and then launch Truecrafting at a later time and the results shown would be from a previous run and not the current gear/buffs, misleading the user.
  • Changed the automatic stat editing that occured in some of the fields when you're entering stats to occur when the text box loses focus only. This fixes some really annoying behavior that some of the fields had.
  • Work has commenced on the Frost engine and will be available either late tomorrow night or on the 22nd. It'll be for WoW 3.3.0 as well as the rest of the engines. Check back often! And someone leave feedback for crying out loud! I'll be posting on many forums after Frost is available to get this project circulating...
Version 0.37, Oct. 18, 2009
  • Added the trinkets Reign of the Unliving/Dead (Heroic), Talisman/Fetish of Volatile Power (Heroic), and Shard of the Crystal Heart.
  • Added the shared cooldown for on-use trinkets. If 2 on-use trinkets are equipped, Truecrafting selects the one that best benefits DPS of the spec being run.
  • Fixed Meteorite Crystal not getting a stack from casting Icy Veins.
  • Truecrafting no longer uses Meteorite Crystal when Arcane Power is cast alone from Icy Veins.
  • Reign of the Unliving/Dead's "Pillar of Flame" was not receiving the crit multiplier when it crit.......
  • Fixed Truecrafting not using on-use DPS abilities of trinkets when Arcane Power is cast alone from Icy Veins.
  • Fixed Truecrafting not using on-use trinkets when Berserking is cast alone from Icy Veins.
  • Fixed the logic with on-use trinkets in all specs. For instance, fire spec combines the trinket with combustion (the trinket is used just before a living bomb with combustion following shortly after.) They start off casting together at the beginning of a mana dump, then the trinket is used again at 2 mins (generally), combustion at 3, trinket at 4, and they join together again at 6 mins. Rinse and repeat. Berserking always joins combustion now as well since CDs are identical for complete synergy. DPS of on-use trinkets improved markedly.
  • Truecrafting was getting confused when it came time to cast evocation for arcane. The arguments to cast arcane missiles under the affect of missile barrage so it could cast evocation were not matching the arguments to cast evocation itself. The result was arcane missiles getting cast with less than 4 stacks of AB repeatedly (up to 4 or 5 cycles) until evocation was finally cast. This is fixed. Arcane's Time 'til OoM decreased by 3.3% and DPS increased by 0.2%.
  • Fixed Truecrafting's use of Evocation with very low amounts of max mana for arcane. The logic adjustment was made solely for the sake of program completeness since very low max mana is not "real world."
  • Fixed Truecrafting not casting combustion, berserking, or icy veins for fire and frostfire specs if +5% Crit Imp. Shadow Bolt buff was selected.
  • Fixed combustion not casting for the first 3 mins of each mana dump for fire spec. DPS increased a minimum of 1%.
  • Removed Arcane Power being applied to all arcane missiles if channeling is started just before arcane power fades. Damage multiplier is now applied only to the missiles that launch while arcane power is active. I've always thought it applies to all missiles since you're charged the full +20% mana at the onset of the channel, but this is in fact not the case and you're getting ripped off if you use this tactic. Thanks blizzard. With the fix, arcane dps decreased by a slight 0.2% - 0.5%. No adjustment to Truecrafting's play logic was needed.
  • Fixed minute rounding error of intellect, spirit, and bonus damage. These were sometimes off by 1 point. They may sometimes still round incorrectly in some cases but 1 point is not important to dwell on since the need to enter stats will be obsolete in a near future release.
  • Fixed the displayed Haste% with talents/buffs in the log file from stating "0.00%" if Haste rating is 0 and talents/buffs are present. Actual haste% used in the engines themselves has always been correct.
Version 0.36, Oct.15, 2009
  • Truecrafting now knows what mana rotation should be used for each run. Currently only told at the beginning of a log. Time 'til OoM improved 50% in some situations.
  • Fixed the log from showing 6 arcane missiles have fired. 5 missiles have always landed so DPS is unchanged.
  • Fixed trinkets that proc on almost anything from doing "ghost" procs when Blood Elf is selected.
  • Further improved +1 DPS Crit variance.
Version 0.35, Oct. 14, 2009
  • Vastly improved +1 DPS accuracy, varies much less now.
  • Added Triple Precision option.
Version 0.34, Oct. 12, 2009
  • Improved fire/frostfire engine speed slightly
  • Meteorite Crystal trinket was not working, this is fixed.
Version 0.33, Oct. 11th, 2009
  • Initial CodePlex release.
  • Applied same fix as evo and icy veins/arcane power for arcane to frostfire with similar results.
  • Fixed Glyph of Living Bomb being applied if not checked.
  • Fixed Glyph of Fireball being applied if not checked.
  • Added trinket Talisman of Resurgence.
Version 0.32, Oct. 11th, 2009
  • All engine code reworked and run times improved ~200%.
  • Some trinkets were not working correctly for some specs, this has been fixed.
  • Elixirs/Flasks were not working at all for all specs and also caused settings to corrupt on application load, this is fixed.
  • Fixed AI not casting evocation for Fire/Frostfire specs unless oom when +5% lock/mage crit buff is selected.
  • Arcane engine AI improved arcane power/icy veins usage. AI was using both CDs before the GCD was up (occurred after PoM/arcane blast), Now AI uses the CDs immediately before the next spell cast. Arcane DPS increased ~2.2% as a result
  • Fixed AI casting arcane power/icy veins and then casting evocation smack in the middle of it. AI now waits until Icy Veins has less than ~3 seconds remaining and arcane power has expired completely. Arcane DPS increased just 0.2% and time til oom decreased ~4%...
  • Arcane engine AI improved t8 4-piece usage. Now casts AM if missile barrage is up and AB stack at 0. DPS increased a slight 0.7% while time til oom improved a whopping 11%.
  • Implemented the +1% DPS calculations. Truecrafting will be multithreaded in later versions to facilitate this process.
  • Run timelimit increased to 333 hours to help narrow +1% DPS calcs. However, the Crit value is still wavering as much as 5% for arcane when full buffs are applied.
  • Fixed Heroic Presence buff not applying unless Draenei was chosen.
  • Restricted Heroic Presence from applying if race is not alliance.
Version 0.31, Oct. 1st, 2009
  • Several bug fixes
Version 0.30b, Sept 29th, 2009
  • Code grew 400%.
  • Added mana, trinkets, rest of buffs, etc.
Version 0.22, mid September
  • Initial public release

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