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Project Description
A thorough Mage character analyzer for World of Warcraft. All results are extracted from real attack sessions by a virtual pro raider against a level 83 target.

Truecrafting is replicated WoW code without the graphics. There are no item weights, ratings, formulas, or opinions of events, only real attack sequences played intelligently. It analyzes a character by engaging a Patchwerk-like boss thousands of times with time sped up as fast as your computer can work. It continues until at least 300 hours have passed (less than 3 seconds) where the results are gathered similarly to combat log analyzers such as Recount. These results are thus extremely accurate, if not true.

Truecrafting uses no priority lists. Instead, it has an in-depth artificial intelligence to determine what action to take by analyzing every possibility in the game. Its skill level is designed to match that of a very skilled player and not what is humanly impossible.

The mechanics modeled in Truecrafting are not in ideallistic form, but in actual game form. Bugs are included in Truecrafting. The artificial intelligence models human fallacies as well.

Truecrafting creates a log in the details section during an analysis. Information from spells to what action was taken at a specific time is at your disposal. Nothing is hidden from the user.

Probably the most unique feature of Truecrafting is that it makes full use of the RNG (random number generator). Combined with everything above, Truecrafting reports the minimum and maximum values it achieves during the thousands of mana dumps it performs. You can then see if you're falling within this range during encounters with minimal movement and downtime. If you're not, look at the log to see how Truecrafting is using items and abilities.

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